Food Baskets
Food Baskets
Colombian Taste

Food Baskets

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Lovely food baskets filled with premium products 

Each basket contains:

1 Case of Roshen assortment - Dark chocolate - 154gr / Product from Ukraine
1 Unique Sourdough craft beer pretzel rings - 312gr / Product from the U.S.A
1 Natural nectar black and white truffle potato chips - 141gr  / Product from the U.S.A
1 Lumar truffle pralines - Chocolate -120gr / Product from Poland
1 Imperial wafer rolls with cocoa cream - 160gr / Product from Poland
1 Chocolate tree with ornaments - milk or dark - OR snowflake chocolate lolly 
1 Walker pure butter mini chocolate chip shortbread rounds - 125gr / Product From Scotland
1 Bag of Ground or Whole bean coffee - Hacienda Venecia - 250gr (Medium Roast or Medium-Dark Roast) / Product from Colombia
3 assorted dried fruit (pineapple, mango, golden berries, chocolate-covered golden berries or chocolate-covered coffee beans
Arabica colombian coffee

we are constantly monitoring each detail of the whole bean coffee to keep their exclusive characteristics. Our coffee grows at an altitude of 1400 msnm, and a temperature of 20ºC - 21 ºC.

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